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Teacher & Parent Support for Student Engagement Resource Guide


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IRIS Center on Classroom
Iris Module
Physical design can change an ordinary classroom into an engaging learning environment for students. The Iris Center provides resources on furniture arrangement, material design and placement, as well as creating a safer space for students.
Enhanced Scope and Sequence (ESS) Lessons The Virginia Department of Education offers Enhanced Scope and Sequence Lesson Plans to teachers in English, Math, Science, and History and Social Science that are searchable by SOL objective or keyword. The lessons are designed to be an instructional tool for teachers that includes strategies for differentiation to increase student success.
Real Co-Teachers Real Co-Teachers of Virginia – Middle & High School
The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) Excellence in Co-Teaching Initiative provides a series of webshops as online training through the TTAC online website. Teachers from the co-teaching demonstration sites created these webshops. As part of this initiative, the teachers share lesson plans and videos of model lessons of quality co-teaching practices. 

The webshops include:

  • Introduction to Real Co-Teachers of Virginia (Middle & High)
  • Co-Instructing in English and Math Classes
  • Co-Assessing in Math Classes
  • Co-Planning in English and Math Classes
  • Co-Teaching in Science and Social Studies Classes
  • Views of Co-Teaching from Multiple Perspectives
  • Co-Teaching Lesson Plans for Middle and High School
  • Co-Teaching Resources
Instructional Videos Teachers often struggle with the best way to instruct
students on more difficult English and Math concepts. Strategizing videos tied directly to content have proven to be an effective way to learn for both students and teachers. The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) provides resources in the form of short videos to support teachers with specific early literature and math concept instruction.
IRIS Center on Differentiating Instruction The IRIS Center at Peabody College, Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN is grant-funded through the Office of Special Education (OSEP). It offers a variety of resources on evidence-based practices for educators. Two modules from the IRIS Center have been highlighted here to support all students, especially those with disabilities.
I’m Determined – for teachers Virginia Department of Education 

The I’m Determined project provides teachers with resources to promote self-determination. Materials ranging from instructional tools to well-thought out lessons, all directed at fostering self-determined behaviors, may be found on their website. The project particularly focuses on students with disabilities to help give them the skills to make positive choices as well as positive decisions in their journey from school through adult life.
I’m Determined – for parents Parent Page
The I’m Determined project provides a parent page. Parents learn strategies to assist their sons or daughters with developing the self-determination skills they will need to be able to speak up for themselves and become active participants in making decisions that will affect them throughout their lives. Parent tabs include: 

  • Resources
  • Videos
  • Resource Submission
  • Youth & Parent Summit
Center for Family Involvement The Center for Family Involvement is a subdivision of the Partnership for People with Disabilities at Virginia Commonwealth University. The Center works with families, giving them the skills needed to support their relationships with schools educating their children. 

Nearly one third of Virginia school divisions have active Parent Resource Centers (PRC) supporting positive relationships between parents and schools. These centers provide resources and sponsor parent training sessions throughout the school year.

Flamboyan Foundation Improving Family Engagement
Flamboyan, a private family foundation, provides services and supports to teachers, administrators, and communities of public and charter schools throughout Washington, DC. Its sole purpose is to increase student performance by improving family engagement and promoting effective teaching. 

To target a search of Flamboyan resources on family engagement, utilize the “Refine and Sort” feature, selecting either Family Engagement Resources for Teachers or Improving Family Engagement.

Among the many helpful resources for improving family/parent engagement, are the following that are classroom- or school-ready:

  • Classroom Family Engagement Rubric
    was created to assess the level of family engagement within teachers’ practices, and help them reflect on those practices.
  • Parent-Teacher Conference Resources Tools is a collection of various tools designed to improve attendance at parent-teacher conferences and increase the meaningfulness of those meetings.
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