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Sustaining a Quality Co-Teaching Program — Recommendations by Marilyn Friend

Ever wonder what makes co-teaching easier and more effective to implement?  We asked Marilyn Friend, Ph.D., and her answers may surprise you! Listen to this short, three-minute podcast to discover the top three recommendations that support implementing and sustaining a quality co-teaching program. Marilyn Friend is the author of many books, articles, and resources on co-teaching and inclusive practices, including the video series, The Power of 2.  Many of these resources are available at no charge through the T/TAC W&M leading library.

Check out free resources by Marilyn Friend from our lending library.

The Power of 2 (2016) (Call Number CC77)

This 3rd edition DVD and digital guide will assist both new and experienced educators to collaborate and share their knowledge and skills to maximize student potential.

Co-Teach! Building and Sustaining Effective Classroom Partnerships in Inclusive Schools.   (Call Number CC88)

This 3rd edition book reflects the most current research and related information about creating, maintaining, and evaluating co-teaching programs.  It also includes tips on preserving the foundation and non-negotiables of the co-teaching service delivery option.

Interactions: Collaboration Skills for School Professionals (2017) (Call Number CC3)

This textbook presents the ideal blend of theory and practical application for best practices in collaborative skills.  It is designed to help special education personnel partner with related services professionals, administrators, outside agency representatives, and families.

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