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Excellence in Co-Teaching Initiative

You Are Cordially Invited to Meet Real Co-Teachers of Virginia

The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) has identified co-teaching demonstration sites throughout the commonwealth in the Excellence in Co-Teaching Initiative. There are five demonstration sites locally in Superintendents Regions 2 and 3. These model sites provide opportunities for co-teaching partners across the state to observe effective co-teaching. The sites highlight research-based inclusive practices to meet the needs of all students within the general education classroom. At each model site, the co-teaching teams share with visitors co-planning, co-instructing, and co-assessing practices that have helped their students succeed.

T/TAC William and Mary (W&M) is offering stipends to defray costs associated with visits to Co-Teaching Demonstration sites in Superintendent’s Regions 2 and 3. Schools are encouraged to send teams that include co-teaching partners (a general education and special education teacher) and an administrator.

For more information about the Excellence in Co-Teaching Initiative, or to arrange a visit to a model site near you, please contact Donni Perry or Shelley Littleton, at T/TAC, William & Mary. Co-Teaching and Inclusive Practices materials are available on the VDOE website and at Real Co-Teachers of Virginia at T/TAC Online.

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